What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Motherhood and ageing have an adverse impact on a woman’s breasts. As time goes by, the breasts begin to droop. Sagging and elongated breasts deeply affect a woman’s confidence. But this is not a problem that is impossible to solve. Fortunately, a simple Breast Lift Surgery can fix this issue. 

Breast Lift surgery is also referred to as Mastopexy is a cosmetic procedure which removes excess fat and skin from the breasts and reshapes them to be in perfect proportion with the rest of the body. A breast lift is a safe and effective procedure that is performed by Dr Shree Harsh at Pinnacle Cosmetic Surgery in Lucknow.

How Does Breast Lift Benefit The Patient? 

Ageing and pregnancy change a woman’s body and mind. They undergo a lot of physiological changes as their life progresses. The breasts are most affected by this and begin loosening up and sagging. 

Breast lift helps the breasts in retaining their shape and firmness. It gives the women a more youthful look and restores their self-confidence as well. 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Breast Lift?

Any woman who is healthy and fits into the following criteria is an ideal candidate for a breast lift:

  1. You are a healthy woman.
  2. You are a non-smoker.
  3. You are not pregnant or currently breastfeeding.
  4. Your breasts have fully developed.
  5. You are not happy with the appearance or size or shape of your breasts.


What Is The Cost Of Breast Lift At Pinnacle Cosmetic Surgery? 

Dr Shree Harsh of Pinnacle Cosmetic Surgery charges an approximate of INR 70,000 for Breast Lift in Lucknow. This is a ballpark figure and it may change during the actual consultation based on your unique case. 

In case you are wondering whether or not Breast Lift is right for you, we invite you for a consultation with Dr Shree Harsh. He will discuss the treatment, its benefits, best possible results and any complications involved one-on-one with you. 

What Happens During The Surgery?

Dr Shree Harsh will administer the patient with general anesthesia. The anesthesia will help you relax and numb the sensation in your body. Most patients go to sleep once the anesthesia is given. 

Next, he will make an incision on your breasts. There are three main types of incisions in breast lift surgery. 

  1. Around the areola (the circular dark skin near the nipples)
  2. Around the areola and vertically down the breasts (like a keyhole shape)
  3. Around the areola, vertically down the breast crease and horizontally upwards along the breast crease (like a T shape pattern)

The type of incision will be pre-determined based on your visual examination and measurement. 

Once the incision is made, Dr Shree Harsh will begin the process of reshaping your breasts. He will remove excess breast skin or excess breast tissue. Then he will lift the remaining breast tissue up and make the breast contour/curve in proportion with the rest of the body. The breasts are positioned higher to make them appear youthful and unimpacted by age. The areola and nipples are also re-positioned upward according to the new shape of the breasts. Sometimes the excess skin around the areola is removed so that the size and shape of the areola match the newly lifted breasts. 

When the reshaping is completed the cosmetic surgeon will begin closing the incisions. The skin is tightened and held firm when incisions are closed. Sutures, skin adhesives and surgical tapes are used to close the incision. 

The breasts are covered with dressings and bandages after the surgery.



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What To Expect During Recovery?

After the surgery, you will be asked to wait in a room before you are discharged. Your vitals will be checked and you will be under the doctor’s observation for a couple of hours at least. 

Please note that the next few weeks are very crucial for your healthy recovery. Follow all the instructions and medication given by the doctor. Dr Shree Harsh will let you know how to take care of your breasts during the recovery period. You may be given a support bra to wear as an aid during this time. He will prescribe medicines and ointments to help you remain comfortable and pain-free after the surgery. 

You may notice there are drainage tubes placed to drain any excess fluid out. Keep them as they are, the doctor will carefully remove them during your follow up visits. Keep your breasts away from the sun, try not to venture outside in sunlight during the first 2 weeks after the surgery. 

After the surgery, you will begin to witness changes in your breasts’ appearance and feel immediately. They will appear to be higher, younger and firmer. A lot of patients report that they need a lower bra size after the surgery. This is not because your breasts have become smaller. It is due to the fact that the breasts have stopped sagging and become firmer. 

Generally, recovering from a breast lift takes about 4-6 weeks. 



What Are The Risks Involved In A Breast Lift?

There are some minor risks involved in breast lift surgery. Please understand that, even though these risks are a part of the surgical procedure, they occur rarely. 

  • Scarring
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reaction to anaesthesia
  • Change or numbness in nipple sensation
  • Difficulty in breastfeeding
  • Dissatisfaction with the shape or size of the breasts




Meet Your Surgeon

Dr. Shree Harsh is a board certified internationally trained Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. He has been trained in the prestigious and historical department of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery at G.M.C.Nagpur from where he completed his M.Ch. in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He cleared his D.N.B. in Plastic Surgery from the National Board of Examination, New Delhi. He has received the international scholarship of Plastic Surgery Educational Network by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the year 2016-2017. He was awarded the prestigious DAFPRS fellowship by the Dutch Association of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been trained by Dr.Patrick L Tonnard and Dr.Alexis Verpaele at the MACS lift centre- Coupure Centrum in Ghent, Belgium in both Surgical and non Surgical Aesthetic Surgery procedures during his fellowship period.  He has presented several papers at national and international level conferences and is the author of a number of publications in scientific journals. He is a soft-spoken dedicated Plastic Surgeon who believes in safety first for the patients

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Book Consultation with Dr Shree Harsh

It is very natural to be anxious about the outcome of your cosmetic surgery and it is best to openly discuss your concerns with Dr. Harsh. During your consultation Dr. Harsh will:

  1. Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  2. Explain the problem to you
  3. Ask for your photographs

Be prepared to discuss:

  • Your surgical goals and expectations
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous medical treatments.
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use if any.
  • Details if you have undergone any previous surgeries.
  • Likely outcomes, and any risks or potential complications.